My expression is gathered mostly from personal experiences and nature, particularly the heart of our planet, the ocean.  I find it fascinating how it nourishes our most tranquil senses regardless of what shape or state it is in. 

I also portray in my paintings other forms of nature, like florals, and the composition of the human figure.

Through many phases of my artistic journey and discovery, I'm continuously searching for my next engaging project.  With plenty of possible perspectives, and no restrictions, my eyes are drawn to, and I aim to depict, authentic beauty that resonates with the viewer.  

In this space, I share my artwork, my art journal, and my e-shop.

As a self-taught artist,  I enjoy discovering and experimenting with different mediums.  I use oil techniques in paintings to capture my ideas and impressions; and I like to convey serenity in movement.

My passion for art emerged from an early age, which I have continued to cultivate throughout my life with what feels like an unyielding desire to delve into the inner mechanism of my creativity.  From small sketches to large scale projects, I’m devoted to turning my art into more than just a visual experience. 

My creative process is fluid; I'm inspired by all my surroundings and often paint to the rhythm and melody of music.  That's I'm consumed by art; it’s no exaggeration to say that I live, breathe, and dream of art.